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10 January 2014 01:03 PM

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Trading terms for PAMM accounts

PAMM account (PAMM — Percentage Allocation Management Module) is a special trading account based on trust management. Managed account (PAMM) enables a professional trader to manage funds of many investors on one live account. 
PAMM account consists of unlimited Managed accounts, representing an independent and unified trading structure, which is controlled only by the Manager of the PAMM account.

PAMM service keeps each Investor’s account records individually and the gains and losses are automatically distributed by FXOpen between the Manager and the Investors on a percentage basis.
PAMM account is advantageous for Investors because they can receive potential profit and do not need to trade themselves, and for Managers it is advantageous as they receive remunerations for managing accounts of Investors. 

FXOpen supports 3 types of PAMM accounts: PAMM STPPAMM ECN, and PAMM Crypto. PAMM STP is developed on the basis of FXOpen STP, PAMM ECN — on FXOpen ECN, and PAMM Crypto — on FXOpen Crypto. FXOpen MT4 based accounts offer flexible and transparent trading environment for Money Managers, as well as attractive investment opportunities for Investors.

Learn more about PAMM accounts and PAMM technology.

You can view trading terms in the table below:

Trading platform MetaTrader 4 MetaTrader 4 for ECN MetaTrader 4 for ECN
Account currency
The currency of your Investment account must match the currency of the PAMM account you intend to open (or join).
Execution Market Market Market
Spread Floating Floating. Minimum spread - from 0 pips. Floating depending on the buy and sell orders on Exchange
Commissions no from 1.5 USD. Details * 0.5% of the transaction volume half-turn (1% round-turn)
Pricing format 5th decimal pricing (0.12345); Interbank liquidity. 5th decimal pricing (0.12345); Interbank liquidity. Depends on the currency pair
Minimum transaction size 0.01 lot (1,000 units of the base currency) with an incremental ('fractional') lot of 0.01.  0.01 lot (1,000 units of the base currency) with an incremental ('fractional') lot of 0.01.  Depends on the currency pair
Open trades max. Not limited Not limited Not limited
Leverage 1:1 – 1:100 (1:100 by default). 1:1 – 1:100 (1:100 by default). 1:3
Financial instruments 50 currency pairs + gold and silver 50 currency pairs + gold, silver, CFD, Oil and Natural Gas Crypto pairs
Margin Call 50% 100% 30%
Stop Out 30% 50% 15%
Trading time 00:00 Mon – 22:59 Fri (FXOpen Server Time) 00:00 Mon – 23:59 Fri (FXOpen Server Time) 24/7

* On PAMM Crypto accounts, SWAP is charged if an order remains open overnight. Learn more about swap calculation.


Minimum Deposit for Investors depends on the PAMM Manager Offer conditions.

Manager’s Capital is determined by the following requirements: 

Account To create a PAMM account: To create a Manager's offer:
PAMM STP USD 200; EUR 200; RUB 6,000. USD 200; EUR 200; RUB 6,000.
PAMM ECN USD 1,000; AUD 1,000; EUR 1,000; GBP 1,000; CHF 1,000; JPY 100,000; RUB 30,000. USD 1,000; AUD 1,000; EUR 1,000; GBP 1,000; CHF 1,000; JPY 100,000; RUB 30,000.
PAMM Crypto USD 200; EUR 200; RUB 6,000; GBP 200; mBTC 300; LTC 20; NMC 100; CNH 1250. USD 1,000; EUR 1,000; RUB 30,000; GBP 1,000; mBTC 1,500; LTC 100; NMC 500; CNH 6,250

On PAMM account it's allowed to use Scalping, Hedging, Phone Dealing, and Expert Advisors as well. 

Read FAQ for getting more information on Forex trading.

Investment account

Investment account is a special account type used by Masters and Followers on the FXOpen PAMM Service. It works as an intermediary account between the eWallet and PAMM service for assigning funds and withdrawing profits. This is not a trading account, so there is no password for it.

You can open one Investment account per each currency available in My FXOpen. If you would like to join two Offers within the same PAMM account, open two Investment accounts in different currencies.

  • If you are a Master: Use your Investment account to open a PAMM account, assign funds and withdraw profits.
  • If you are a Follower: Use your Investment account to join a Master’s PAMM offer, assign funds and withdraw profits.

To open an Investment account:

  1. Select Add Account → Investment in My FXOpen. Accept PAMM Service Terms and Conditions, and then click Next.
  2. Account currency: Select the account currency. The currency of your Investment account must match the currency of the PAMM account that you want to open or join.
    Agent: If you were introduced to the Company please state the agent’s account number (optional).
    Click Next.

The list of your Investment accounts is displayed on the left of My FXOpen, under Investment.

To make a deposit to an Investment account:

Use any payment option available in the Add Funds menu in My FXOpen to make a deposit to your Investment account.

To transfer funds to/from an Investment account:

Use the Internal Transfer form to transfer funds to/from your Investment account.

To withdraw funds from an Investment account, first transfer them to eWallet, and then select the payment option in the Withdraw Funds menu.

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