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10 January 2014 10:57 AM

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STP (Straight Through Processing) gives you direct access to the Forex market (interbank market) and offers the best prices, low spreads and 5th decimal pricing format. Thus, opening STP account traders will be able to try all the advantages of ECN trading and market execution having deposited only $10. 

Unlike ECN, broker's commission is included in the difference between the best BID and the best Offer (ASK). This difference (Spread) is variable and not fixed and depends on the buy and sell orders available on the Marketplace.

You can learn STP trading terms in the table below:

Trading platform MetaTrader 4
Account currency USD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, RUB, SGD, Gold*
Execution Market
Minimum deposit $10
Maximum balance Not limited
Spread Floating depending on the buy and sell orders in the FXOpen ECN
Commissions No
Pricing format 0,12345
Minimum transaction size 0.01 lot (1,000 units of the base currency) with an incremental ('fractional') lot of 0.01.
Maximum transaction size Not limited
Leverage up to 1:500**
Financial instruments 50 currency pairs + gold and silver
Margin Call 50%
Stop Out 30%
Trading time 00:00 Mon – 23:59 Fri (FXOpen Server Time)
Contract specifications

* All values for Gold-based accounts (including account balance, profit, etc) in MetaTrader 4 are indicated using 1 GLD. 1 GLD = 0.001 troy ounce (equal to approx. 0.03 grams of gold). 

** Leverage size depends on the balance:

  • 1:1 - 1:500 for accounts up to 25,000 USD;
  • 1:1 - 1:200 for accounts from USD 25,000 up to USD 100 000;
  • 1:1 - 1:100 for accounts from USD 100,000 up to USD 1,000,000;
  • Negotiable for accounts over 1,000,000.

STP allows Scalping, Hedging, Phone Dealing, as well as Expert Advisors using. 

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