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Knowledge base: My FXOpen Settings
SMS notifications
Posted by Olga Palikarpava on 24 October 2013 05:59 PM

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In My FXOpen you can enable/disable SMS notifications sent to your mobile phone number:

  1. Log in to My FXOpen.

  2. Click Settings → SMS notification.

  3. Enter your mobile phone number. Click Submit.

  4. Enter the verification code sent to your mobile number. Click Confirm.

  5. Check the notifications in the list and click Save.

    The list of available SMS notifications:

    • Login Notification – SMS notification about signing in My FXOpen;
    • Profile Verification Status – SMS notification about your FXOpen eWallet status changed to 'Verified' or 'Rejected';
    • Recovery Status Approved  – SMS notification about your recovery request approved (PIN Code, Trader password, Investor password and Telephone password);
    • Recovery Status Rejected – SMS notification about your recovery request rejected.
    • Generate New eWallet password – SMS notification containing a new password for FXOpen eWallet (needed for signing in My FXOpen);
    • Withdrawal Verification Code – SMS notification containig a verification code to confirm a withdrawal procedure;
    • Withdrawal Status Changed – SMS notification about withdrawal status changed (your withdrawal request can be approved or rejected);
    • Notice Status Changed – SMS notification about your payment notice status changed.
  6. Enter the code you received via SMS and click Confirm.

If you do not want to receive SMS notifications any more, uncheck the chosen checkboxes in the SMS notifications list and save the changes.

FXOpen Company reserves the right to start charging fees for SMS notifications.

To add an extra layer of security to your account with FXOpen, please follow our '2 step authentication' procedure.

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