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FXOpen CPA Bonuses
20 November 2020 11:46 AM

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CPA Bonus

FXOpen Partnership Program offers you to become our CPA Partner and receive CPA bonuses for every qualified trader attracted.

FXOpen CPA Bonus is paid to FXOpen CPA Partners/Agents for the actions of their referrals in My FXOpen.

As an Agent, you will receive a bonus as soon as your referral passes the verification procedure (gets Grade 1 and/or Grade 2), makes a required deposit or starts trading (reaches the required amount of used margin while trading).

On the FXOpen CPA basis, there are the following Agent's remunerations: Agent Invite Bonus Grade1 (G1), Agent Invite Bonus Grade2 (G2), Agent Deposit Bonus (Depo) and Agent Trade Bonus (Trade).

Bonus for Referral's actions:

  • Referral gets Grade 1 of the account verification (Agent Invite Bonus Grade 1).
  • Referral gets Grade 2 of the account verification (Agent Invite Bonus Grade 2).
  • Referral makes a one-time deposit or a number of deposits - ∑Deposit, satisfying the bonus requirements (Agent Deposit Bonus).
  • Referral trades and the used margin - ∑Used margin, is equal to the required amount (Agent Trade Bonus).

Note! Any CPA bonus is credited to the Agent's Commission account in My FXOpen.

An Agent will receive Agent Deposit Bonus and Agent Trade Bonus only after a referral fulfills the bonus conditions: one-time deposit/ ∑deposit and ∑used margin respectively.
∑Deposit - summary of all the performed deposits excluding transfers between accounts and any bonuses.
∑Used margin - summary of the amount blocked for your open orders yet to be executed.

The CPA bonus amount may differ depending on the residence country of the attracted referrals.

Also, in some countries there is an age restriction (age range verification coefficient): referrals under the specified age will not participate in the CPA program, and bonuses will not be paid out to their Agents.

How to become a CPA Partner with FXOpen?

Join our Telegram channel to get all the detailed update information on FXOpen CPA bonuses including the bonus amounts, limits and other conditions.

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