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Welcome to FXOpen Knowledge Base!
15 May 2013 02:48 PM


FXOpen does its best to make it easy and convenient for our Clients and Partners to find what they need among a great variety of the offered products and services as well as use all the opportunities of our technologies to a full extent.

We have collected a great volume of useful information and presented it to you in a well-organised and easy-to-browse manner. Now it's available for you in our FXOpen Knowledge Base.

The articles of FXOpen Knowledge Base were created with the help of FXOpen support staff, who have direct experience in communicating with our Clients and Partners. The staff members of our support team like nobody else know what information should be studied for successful work in the Forex market using the FXOpen MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

The articles of FXOpen Knowledge Base are categorised and grouped by topics. You can use the search option for quick access to the information you are interested in by entering a key word or a key phrase. Besides you have the opportunity to discuss the content of each article and leave a comment about your impressions and suggestions. We greatly appreciate customers' feedback and take it into consideration when we develop new options and services or improve the old ones.

For your greater convenience, we supplied the articles of FXOpen Knowledge Base with a great amount of charts, diagrams, examples and links. To make sure that even a newbie user won't get lost in the variety of products and services and will be able to benefit from FXOpen high technologies.

FXOpen Knowledge Base is updated, expanded and improved on a regular basis. It allows to provide our Clients with the access to the latest information.

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