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14 September 2017 04:40 PM

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To place an order:

1. Open the New Order screen in one of the following ways:

  • On the Quotes screen, tap a symbol and select Trade.
  • If there are no open positions/orders, tap  on the Trade screen.
  • If there are open positions/orders, swipe left on the position on the Trade screen and tap .

2. Select the order type, volume, SL/TP levels (optional), and fill policy. For pending orders, set the order execution price.

3. For market orders, tap Sell/Buy. For pending orders, tap Place.

One-click trading

You can place orders in one click directly from the Chart screen by tapping .

Trade screen

The Trade screen displays the current state of the trading account: balance and margin information, list of positions and pending orders. To access the screen, tap .

Tap the order/position to view detailed information. Tap and hold the order/position to perform the following actions:

  • Close position
  • Modify order/position
  • Delete order
  • Open new order
  • Open chart for the selected currency pair
  • Open Depth of Market (if available)

Swipe left on the position to access the following commands:

  • Close position / delete order
  • Modify position/order
  •  Increase position / place order
  • Open chart

History screen

The History screen displays the trading history for the selected period. To access the screen, tap .

Here you can see your open positions and pending orders.

To change the period for which data is displayed, tap .

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