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Automatic withdrawal of cryptocurrency
21 July 2017 01:41 PM

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The automatic withdrawal feature simplifies the process of sending cryptocurrency to the client's wallet. According to our rules, all withdrawal requests are checked and processed manually by the financial department for security reasons. In case of automatic withdrawal, FXOpen will send cryptocurrency within the allowed limits to your crypto address without manual approval of the transaction.

Conditions of automatic withdrawal

The conditions of an automatic withdrawal of cryptocurrency are as follows:

  1. Two-factor authentication via Google Authenticator enabled for Login.
  2. Successful withdrawals to the same crypto address earlier.
  3. The withdrawal amount does not exceed the allowed daily/monthly limits. (You can see your daily/monthly limits in My FXOpen when creating a withdrawal request.)

If your request does not meet the conditions for automatic withdrawal, it will be processed manually by the financial department of FXOpen.

Important: Please note that your withdrawal request can be sent to manual processing if it is required to additionally check the activity on your account.

Withdrawal limits

FXOpen sets daily and monthly limits on the amount of cryptocurrency you can withdraw automatically. You can see the current limits in My FXOpen when creating a withdrawal request.

At the reasonable request of the client, individual limits can be increased by the financial department. Please contact us at stating valid reasons.

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