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Partner's remuneration
24 May 2017 01:53 PM

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Any FXOpen client can expand revenues with the FXOpen partnership program.

The amount of partner’s remuneration depends on the type of agent and on the total margin used by referrals in the last 90 days.

Partner commission is credited to the agent's account if the following conditions are met:

1. The agent received a commission from at least 3 referrals in the last 90 days.
2. The amount of partner commission reached the 10 USD limit.

Standard Commission

Standard Commission (a percentage of the FXOpen commission) is the base value used in calculating partner commission. It equals 2.4 pips (5-decimal pricing) per trade in an STP account and 15% of FXOpen commission for a trade performed in an ECN or a Crypto account. FXOpen sets commission limits for the maximum commission you can receive.

Commission multipliers

Partner’s remuneration increases proportionally to the margin used by agent’s referrals. Used Margin is the total margin of all closed positions on referrals’ accounts in the last 90 days. This coefficient acts as commission multiplier.

If there was no trading activity on referrals’ accounts in the last 90 days and the total Used Margin is 0, the agent is unable to receive any partner commission.

Agent types

Commission multipliers vary depending on the type of agent and referral level. There are 3 types of agents: Agent, Rebate I and Rebate II. The last two are for FXOpen clients who earn rebates. If your referrals generate large trading volumes, FXOpen may offer special conditions of the rebate program upon your request.

If you are interested in earning rebates, please contact us at .

You can find commission values for different agents and referral levels, as well as examples of calculations in the tables below.



The chart illustrates the example of calculation of commission given in the table. It shows how partner’s remuneration grows as the total Used Margin on referrals’ accounts increases. As you can see on the chart, for Level 1 referrals the growth rate of commission begins to accelerate significantly when the Used Margin value overcomes the threshold of $130k. For Level 2 referrals, commission growth is gradually slowing with each new range of Used Margin.



Rebate I


On this chart, you can observe a gradual increase in the growth rate of partner commission for Rebate I agents. As in the previous example, the Standard Commission is $15.00.

Partner’s remuneration from indirect referrals is not credited.



Rebate II

This chart shows the example of commission calculation for Rebate II agents. The Standard Commission in this example is also $15.00. After reaching the threshold of $130k Used Margin, there is a sharp jump in the growth of commission, followed by a gradual increase.

Partner’s remuneration from indirect referrals is not credited.


The chart below combines the data of all previous charts (for Standard Commission = $15.00). It shows how partner’s remuneration for different types of agents increases depending on the margin used on referrals’ accounts in the last 90 days.

*In all tables and charts above, we use a Standard Commission of $15.00 as a base value.


Example of commission calculation


Agent type: Agent

The total ECN Commission of all referrals for the last 90 days is $160.00. The Standard Commission is 15% of ECN Commission.

Standard Commission: $160.00 * 0.15 = $24.00

Total Used Margin for each referral level for the last 90 days:

Level 1 referrals: $500k
Level 2 referrals: $150k

Let's calculate commission from 2 referral levels.

For Level 1, we have: the Standard Commission is $24.00, the coefficient is 1 (100%). The total Used Margin is $500k, which is in the range from $0.4m to $1.05m. Commission multiplier in this range is 1.9 (190%). We get: $24.00 * 1 * 1.9 = $45.60.

For Level 2, we have: the Standard Commission is $24.00, the coefficient is 0.35 (35%). The total Used Margin is $150k, which is in the range from $130k to $400k. Commission multiplier in this range is 3.3 (330%). We get: $24.00 * 0.35 * 3.3 = $27.72.

Level 1 Commission: $24.00 * 1 * 1.9 = $45.60
Level 2 Commission: $24.00 * 0.35 * 3.3 = $27.72

Total agent commission:

45,60 $ + 27,72 $ = 73,32 $

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