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Commission account
22 March 2017 04:46 PM

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Multi-currency Commission account is intended for crediting partner remuneration and cashback. The balance of your Commission account is displayed on the left of My FXOpen personal area.

What is the difference between the Commission account and eWallet?

eWallet is your main account with FXOpen. When you sign up for an account with FXOpen, you automatically get an eWallet number. It is a tool for managing your funds in My FXOpen area: deposits, withdrawals and transfers are performed via eWallet.

The Commission account is intended solely for crediting partner commission and cashback. Commission account number is automatically displayed in My FXOpen area only if you received any partner remuneration in the referral program or cashback in the FXOpen Cashback program. You can not make a deposit or transfer funds to this account.

You can not withdraw funds directly from the Commission account.

The Commission account is multi-currency. This means that partner commission is credited in the currency of the referral's account without additional conversion.

How do I transfer funds from my Commission account to eWallet?

To withdraw funds from your Commission account, you need to make an internal transfer to eWallet first. Then you can withdraw funds using any of the available payment systems.

Learn more about how to transfer funds from the Commission account to eWallet.

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