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Deposits via QIWI Terminals
24 September 2013 12:11 PM

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To pay the bill via QIWI Terminal, please follow these steps:

  1. On the main screen of QIWI Terminal press the VISA QIWI WALLET button.

  1. Enter the mobile phone number that you indicated on invoicing and press ВПЕРЕД (Next).

  1. Enter the PIN code that was sent to you after registration. You will be redirected to the main page of your QIWI Wallet.

  1. Press .
  2. Select the bill you want to pay (the chosen bill will be highlighted green) and press ОПЛАТИТЬ (Pay).

  3. Insert cash in the terminal slot and press ОПЛАТИТЬ (Pay) to confirm the transaction.

    Terminal doesn`t give the change! The change can be topped up to your mobile phone balance or to your QIWI Wallet.
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