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About WebMoney
04 March 2015 02:27 PM

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WebMoney Transfer, a universal electronic payment system (WebMoney) has been in existence since 1998. It ensures online transfers among registered participants who have a unique user identifier (WMID).

Accounting units of the system are called WM-units. They are title signs equivalent to variable currencies kept in the purses of corresponding types: WMZ — US Dollars-equivalents (Z-type purse), WME — Euro-equivalents (E-type purse) etc. When transferring funds, purses of the same type may only be used. The exchange of title signs of different types is performed through exchange services.

All payments made via WebMoney are immediate and irrevocable. WebMoney supplies free instruments for operation with the system and for making payments: Keeper Standard (Mini)Keeper WebPro, Keeper WinProKeeper Mobile and Keeper for social networks. Details.

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