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Commission levels
Posted by Olga Palikarpava on 18 September 2013 04:34 PM

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The figure below shows the Standard Commission coefficients for the three agent types: Agent, Rebate I and Rebate II. Сoefficients are used in calculations of partner's remuneration. These are not final values. Commission multipliers allow you to increase the amount of remuneration you can receive. Learn more about how partner's remuneration is calculated depending on the type of agent and the total Used Margin of referrals. Please note that rebates can only be received from direct referrals.

Commission distribution for Agents

Suppose you brought in three clients via your referral link (Level 1 or direct referrals). One of the three also referred three clients (your 2nd level referrals or “downline”) and one of the latter three attracted three more (your 3rd level referrals or “downline”). In this case you become a Level 3 Agent for the three clients attracted last. You will receive additional commission from each trader attracted by your clients (indirect referrals).

The commission for Agents is distributed the way shown in the figure below.

Agent type: Agent

  • Level 1 Agent receives full commission for the trade performed by the Client, i.e. 100%.
  • Level 2 Agent receives 35% of the full commission for the same trade.
  • Level 3 Agent receives 10% of the full commission for the trade.

Examle 1

If the Client closes a trade, Level 3 Agent receives full (100%) commission, Level 2 Agent gets 35% of the full commission, and Level 1 Agent gets 10%.

Examle 2

If the Level 3 Agent closes a position, Level 2 Agent receives full (100%) commission and Level 1 Agent gets 35% of the commission.

Thus if your clients attract traders via their referral link, you will take an advantage of gaining additional commission from trades performed by their clients.

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